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Graze Kitchen
A multifaceted restaurant showcasing a live and interactive theater of dining experiences that evoke the senses.
Live stations featuring Sri Lankan, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, Turkish, Vietnamese and Thai Specialities will provide.
Key visual and sensory excitement to each area.

6.00am to 11.00pm

Lunch Buffet- Rs. 3988/- nett
Dinner Buffet- Rs. 3988/- nett

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Lunch Buffet- Rs. 3388/- nett
Dinner Buffet- Rs. 3888/- nett
Hawkers Market - Rs. 3288/- nett

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Lunch Buffet- Rs. 3588/- nett
Dinner Buffet - Rs. 3988/- nett
*(Endless High Tea on Saturday/ Poya/ Public Holidays- Rs. 2888/- nett)