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Christmas Market
Hilton Colombo

It's that time of the year again!
Time for twinkly lights, candy canes, jolly men in red suits and an endless indulgence in all things that bring you delight!
Come to the Hilton Christmas Market for seasonal goodies galore, unique gifts, fabulous brands, kids' play area, carols and a host of fun activities to keep the whole family entertained. So put on your Christmas stockings and get into the holiday spirit!

Gourmet fresh Seafood & Meat display, fresh imported seasonal fruits and garden vegetables, gourmet products including imported cheese, chocolates and nuts and an extensive selection of wines & beverages. Ready to drink egg nogg, Gluhwein pot and roasted chestnuts will be available at the Hilton Goodies Stall.

-Pop CornĀ 
-Candid AppleĀ 
-Kids' Play area
- Beer Garden
-Food action station


*Amani *Bedding Dye *Cane Couture *Club House Vivaldi *Coco express/ Quiantrelle *Cocoon Furnishings *Goodness Me *Green Gardens Mihiliya *House of Gifts *House of Lonali *J Flats *Juno *Kidz Hub *Liyawal *Nimanse *Paper Frills *Pendi *Ras Jewels *Redpierrot *Relive *Sha Foundation *Syon *Thimble *Warm House *Wrook *Xylo *Zirc